News / 04.30.2016

PRESS RELEASE: Icare USA Debuts New Device

Icare® Unveils the ic100 Handheld Tonometer Featuring Several Design Upgrades

RALEIGH, NC, April 19, 2016—Icare USA, a subsidiary of Icare Finland, the original developer and global leader in handheld tonometry, announces the highly anticipated release of the Icare® ic100 tonometer.

The Icare® ic100 uses the same rebound technology as its predecessor, the Icare® TA01i, with added ergonomic features and a user interface that takes IOP measuring to a new level.

“While developing the Icare® ic100 tonometer, our focus centered on improving interface design and ergonomics, making it easier for professionals to obtain consistent, repeatable intraocular pressure measurements,” says John Floyd, President and CEO of Icare USA. “We’re proud to say we’ve achieved that with the addition of several upgraded features.”

The Icare® EasyNav interface and the unit’s large color screen make this device exceptionally easy to use. It requires no calibration and is suitable for use on all patient types in virtually any setting. And, like it’s predecessor, the Icare® ic100 requires no drops, air or specialized skills for use.

A built-in intelligent position assistant, called the Icare® EasyPos, makes the Icare® ic100 easier to use than ever before. Red and green lights help operators guide the tonometer into the correct position for testing. Professionals simply load, align and measure.

The Icare® ic100 also features Icare® AMS, an automated measuring sequence that takes a series of six measurements with a single touch of a button. With the smartly designed Icare® ic100, professionals can expect IOP measurements that are precise, reliable and reproducible.

About Icare USA

Icare USA is a subsidiary of Icare Finland, the original developer and global leader in handheld tonometry. The advanced Icare® product line offers reliable, high precision, reproducible accuracy in measuring intraocular pressure in any setting.

The company holds more than 20 patents and patent applications as well as a variety of widely-used Icare® tonometers that are designed for both experienced and inexperienced users. For more information, visit

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