News / 10.12.2016

Icare serves for HERO in Guyana

My name is Sharon Gordon and my practice is Regal Eye Care, P.A.  During the Palm Beach Optometric Meeting in February 2016, I met Richard Homan one of your Icare representatives and I approached him about a loaner tonometer for two mission trips that I have committed to volunteering for this year.  Mr. Floyd, you were kind enough to approve me to receive a loaner Icare tonometer for my vision mission trip to Guyana August 2nd-5th, 2016 as a part of the (HERO) Health and Educational Relief Organization, Inc.  Dr. Bazemore and I were the Optometrists working in the vision clinic at Project Dawn Health Care Center in Guyana where we examined over 150 patients.  This was my first time using the tonometer and I found it very easy to use, giving accurate IOP readings.

Mr. Floyd, I wanted to take the time to thank you for allowing me access to the loaner Icare tonometer, and appreciate you assisting me so that I may give back to the Guyanese community in the way of donating my time to service the in Vision Clinic.  The people of Guyana were very warm and appreciative of our services as Optometrists.  Thank you again, Mr. Floyd, for your contribution to the success of August 2016 Vision Clinic in Georgetown, Guyana.


Dr. Sharon Gordon