News / 01.24.2017

Icare screens patients in the Dominican Republic

Dr. Swain, Colleen and Kim,

Attached is a picture of the Icare in action in our triage area.

More photos from our current trip can viewed at:

Our pre-test assistants all love it!  The primary users are two teen girls who watched your UTube training video, practiced on each other and couple team members and screened over a 100 people today.  We found the pressures to be very consistent and reliable. In the cases of a high reading, the measurement was confirmed by Goldmann Tonometry, and nearly always it was the same or nearly the same. Much less patient anxiety as well.

Today (our first day of full clinic) we saw 177 Patients.  Completed  116 basic exams, 30 phoropter refractions, and 30 full dilated exams. We dispensed 46 pairs of prescription Glasses, 62 Readers and ordered ten pairs of glasses to be made and shipped to the clinic. One of the pairs of glasses were bifocals given to a lady whose son and grandchildren have been coming to her home to read her the Bible. Today she read her Bible, on her own, for the first time in 20 years. This is why we do this work, Amen.

We referred 13 Patients to the Christian Mission for the Blind Hospital located about 20-30 miles from here, two of those were for vision threatening, undiagnosed/untreated Glaucoma.

Thank you so much for your support to this mission!

Alan G. Peaslee, OD, MS

Medical Director

Episcopal Diocese of Georgia Eye Care Mission Team

Clinica Esperanza y Caridad

San Pedro de Macoris

The Dominican Republic