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Icare tonometer in USA

The easy-to-use and patient-friendly Icare tonometer has been available in the USA since 2007. The group of satisfied users is growing rapidly and several Key Opinion Leaders, such as Dr. Asrani, recommend the Icare tonometer. We asked Dr. Asrani about the Icare tonometer.   Do you find the Icare easy to use? I feel that the Icare tonometer is very easy to use and handle and so do my technicians.   How do your patients feel about it? Most patients prefer Icare because they do not need to get anesthetic eye drops and have realized that their dry eye does not get worse after the eye examination.   Do you find the Icare to correlate well with Goldman? Yes, as we have shown in the study recently published in Journal of Glaucoma on February 2011 issue. Other studies have also shown a good correlation.   Have you found that it speeds up patient flow? If it was used on every patient, I think it would. However, we see so many patients that have need of other tests, that we have not noticed a huge improvement of flow.   Would you recommend the Icare to colleagues? Absolutely! Icare is a great instrument.   Read more Testimonials »

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